Asset Management


about us

Our team of technical advisors and GIS technicians inspect federally-funded assets (roads & bridges, buildings (e.g. schools, band office, etc.), vehicles, solid waste, water and wastewater systems) to promote safe, strong community infrastructure.

our services

  • We conduct a condition assessment of federally-funded assets on a 2 (schools) to 3-year (all other community infrastructure) cycle.
  • We identify deficiencies (infrastructure that needs to be repaired, replaced, reconstructed or upgraded).
  • We produce an electronic report for First Nations, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) and Health Canada that contains estimated costs to repair, replace, reconstruct or upgrade infrastructure.
  • We geolocate the assets and associated infrastructure on a map and provide a copy to the community.
  • We provide technical consultation and support for community infrastructure related initiatives.

core team

  • WINSLOW DAVIS - Manager of Asset Management
  • SURAJ ADHAKARI- ACRS Technical Advisor
  • THEO COLE - ACRS Inspector

Contact us at or 780.483.8601